Spotlight Wedding: Prince Khalid & Lucy Cuthbert

Prince Khalid bin Baudar bin Sultan al- Saud   held a discreet wedding on March 30th. The prince the grandson of  the Crown Prince of Saudi  Arabia. The Saudi Royal family is one of the wealthiest in the world and Prince Khalid is one of the heirs to that fortune.

His bride, Lucy Cuthbert is an Englishwoman and the niece of a duke.  She also comes from a wealthy family.

It is not known as to how they met or for how long they have been together. But the couple had a very low-key (especially for a Saudi Prince) wedding at…… guess where!

At the Oxford Register’s office! Which kind of similar to having your wedding at City Hall. One report states that the couple only paid 167 pounds for the ceremony, which is about $273 U.S. dollars.  The bride wore a  simple knee-length white dress and the groom wore a conservative business suit. 

 Unfortunately there is no video of the couple emerging from the Register’s office. It was reported that after a quick photo-op, the couple was whisked away to their wedding reception. After all it’s not everyday that a member of any royal family has such a simple low-key wedding.

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