The Royal Round Up


Royal Wedding preparations are under way across the pond. This past week workers have been  preparing for the large crowds that will gather for the  event.  With two weeks till the big day, workers are making sure the area along the processional route Westminster Abbey is spotless.  In case you have never seen, a british royal wedding or not have never been to England, Google Earth has a great virtual map that  shows the route from Westminster Abbey (where the ceremony is being held) to Buckingham Palace.

In other news, Prince William spoke to a group of reporters   while  he was in on royal duty. He admitted that during the wedding rehearsal, he felt a bit nervous.  The prince said

I was telling everyone i did the rehearsal the other day and my knees started tapping quite nervously. It’s quite a daunting prospect, but very exciting.

Prince William also spoke about  his bachelor party and how he was proud that he and his brother Prince Harry were able to outfox the media with their military operation.  One this day, Prince William was also greeted by his grandmother the Queen, whose hat almost blew away.

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