Prince Harry:The Best Man and The Spare

One of the duties of the best man is that he plans the bachelor party for the bridegroom.  As we reported  before, Prince Harry  was appointed  by Prince William as his best man. This past weekend, Prince William “quietly” celebrated the end of  his bachelorhood with his brother and a few close friends. The reported “stag – do”  was held at a large estate northern England.  The  guest list hasn’t been revealed and probably never will, however the theme was rumored to be  water sports, only after the originally theme had been leaked to the press. All other secrets are top-secret, the only thing that is confirmed is that the party did take place.

Ironically, this was the last weekend before Prince Harry trip to the Arctic Circle. Yes the Arctic, as in the North Pole. The Prince, sometimes  refered to as “the spare”, well because Prince William is the heir, is the cover boy for the May edition of British GQ.  Prince Harry is promoting his  a new initiative that he calls Walking  with the Wounded, to help raise awareness for the  wounded service men and women who have been injured in Afghanistan*.  He will be embarking on a 200 mile journey that will last  about 30 days. He  has already stated his training in Norway and even managed to speak to Good Morning America.

Check out the video below:

*It’s important to note that Prince Harry  briefly served in Afghanistan in 2008.

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