Weighty Katie??

An interesting article was published in New York magazine  recently.  According to many news sources Kate Middleton is on a diet in an attempt to lose “weight” before her April wedding.  Just looking at pictures of her Kate looks no different from how she looked prior to their engagement.

But several sources claim that she is on  a new diet fad called Dukan with her mother. The Dukan diet  is very popular in  France and is  similar  to the famed Atkins diet.  It is a  high protein diet, low carb diet.  The diet gained popularity in 2000 and has been the diet of choice for many Hollywood stars. The diet has four “phases”: attack,  weight loss, stabilization, and cruise.  It has strict rules of not eating any fats or carbohydrates. But what it does boost is rapid weight loss, which might be one of the reason people are attracted to  the diet.

Anyway back to Kate. People in her inner circle feel that she doesn’t need to lose any weight.  Another source says that Prince William would never force Kate to lose any weight, like his father did to his mother.  Of course we don’t know for sure if Kate is even dieting at all.  And if she was, she has as valid reason.  The most important day of her life is coming up her wedding, and she will be sharing with million perhaps billions of people world-wide.

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