Spotlight Wedding: Prince Charles & Lady Diana

This is a new feature I would like to introduce, we’ll use it as  a way to countdown to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  For  the next few weeks, we will be spotlighting some  of  Royal  weddings of the past.

Let’s start with: Prince Charles and Diana Spencer.

Their wedding was described as The Wedding of the century and a real fairytale. Of course, now we know that  their relationship was any thing but a fairytale.   Just like with  all the media attention  about Prince William and Kate Middleton, it was the same for Charles and Diana.  Their faces were on everything form specialty plates and mugs. collectible coins and of course, the day of their wedding was declared a national holiday.

Prince Charles knew Diana  in passing, but they didn’t become involved until about 1980.  To many people  it seemed like Diana was a perfect match for the prince. She was already a member of the Church of England, a must as being a catholic is a no-no if you want to be in the British royal family. They were engaged (in secret) a year later and married later the same year on July  29th, 1981.  Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is the same one that Charles gave to Diana.

The Wedding of  The Century.

That’s what the press dubbed it. Their wedding  was at  St. Paul’s Cathedral instead of the usual Westminster Abbey.   About  600, 000 people waited along the processional route for a glimpse of the prince and princess. Also the wedding was broadcasted throughout the British Commonwealth and was viewed by about 750 million people.

Diana wore a silk taffeta dress  designed by Elizabeth and David Emmanuel.  The dress was embroidered  with 10,000 pearls and accented with lace, it also had 25 foot train!  She was escorted by her father, John Spencer, the 8th Earl Spencer.  However, Charles wore a naval commander suit, a tradition carried by most of the men in the British Royal Family.

Charles and Diana’s entire wedding can be viewed on YouTube, below is  a video of the couple after the wedding ceremony.



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