Wedding Blues


It seems  that a few people are not pleased with the upcoming royal wedding.   In the U.K. they  have been  “over saturated” with  royal wedding coverage  and while a few are looking forward to it, there are several people who are fed up with the media coverage. According to a report from ComRes survey dated 2010.  They surveyed about  1,006 British adults , about 31% of the participants said they “couldn’t care less” and 28% said that they were indifferent.

In other news the Royal Wedding media train is not stopping. BBC America has announced that they have several programs  leading up to their live coverage of the wedding on April 29th. The first is a documentary called: Prince William & Prince Harry: A Look into the Future.   The film is scheduled to air March 22 and is about the princes private lives.   Also included are two documentaries about the late Princess Diana. One is  titled Diana’s Dress and  the other is titled Princess Diana: her live in jewels. Both docs are scheduled to air in the month of April.

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