Artists Create Images of The Royal Couple

 Artist Jennifer Rubell wants you to  put yourself in Kate’s shoes.  Literally.  The New Yorker’s latest art piece, is called the Engagement.  The exhibition is a life-size wax statue of Prince William as he stood with Kate, when they announced their engagement to the world.  The exhibition was revealed this past Wednesday in London and  is being shown at the Stephen Friedman Gallery.

The piece is receiving some flack from Royal fans, claiming that the statue doesn’t look exactly like Wills. Judging from the video we can see why.  Rubell’s statue is also for sale,but for a hefty price.  To take Prince Williams’s statue home will  cost you $125,000.

Kate Middleton has also been immortalized by an artist named Zoobs, who did an interesting portrait on the future Queen.  Zoobs based his collage on the cover for the punk rock group the Sex Pistols “God Save the Queen” single.

The poster  shows the future Princess Catherine sporting a tiara and it  reads,”God Save the Future  Queen”.  It can currently be seen at the Opera Gallery in London.

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